Monday, November 29, 2010

We've Had a Good Day

Teegan has had a really good day compared to the past few days.  He had started showing signs the PDA may have reopened but they did an echo cardiogram this afternoon and it is still closed.  They have been able to wean him down on the ventilator today to 27 breaths per minute.  Hopefully he will improve more tomorrow and be able to be weaned some more. 

Tonight was the first night I got to see his little face without all the tape on it.  He has the most adorable little face.  Such a sweet boy!  I’m convinced he had a good day today due to the fact that he and I got to snuggle for almost two whole hours yesterday afternoon.  So we did it again today.  They started diuretics yesterday evening to help get rid of the fluid on his lungs.  They will continue that along with his breathing treatments to help develop his lungs.  Tonight he weighed 3 lb. 11.5 oz. 

Thanks once again to everyone for the prayers!

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