Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Smells So Good

Tim always gives me a hard time about being a “smeller”.  There is nothing quite like the first time you smell your newborn baby.  Sunday night I got to hold Teegan for the first time.  For a whole HOUR!!  He’s kind of hard to cuddle being so tiny and having so many tubes and cords on his little body.  But the feeling and the smell of him were simply indescribable.  He really is a tiny little miracle.  As long as he stays stable and continues progressing in the right direction they said me holding him for an hour every evening is some of the best medicine for him right now.  He smells soooo good!

Yesterday they started him on small feedings.  He was getting one cc over a two hour period just to see how his little body would tolerate it.  Since he digested each feeding entirely they increased it to two cc’s given over a two hour period today.  Although he got royally ticked off when they put his feeding tube in, I think food has made him feel like a new little person.  He should really start growing now.  He weighed 3 lbs. 2 oz. last night.  They also decreased his pain medicine today and he’s done okay with that.  His ventilator has gone from 45 breaths per minute yesterday to 42 last night and now it’s at 40 breaths per minute. 

Tomorrow he is scheduled for another echo cardiogram to see if that darned PDA is closed all the way yet.  The neonatologist told me yesterday that she really feels like it will be closed.  Please PRAY!!!

This afternoon he has become best friends with his pacifier.  It takes some talent to be able to suck on that thing with a silly ventilator tube in your mouth.  Teegan is a pro!

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