Thursday, November 11, 2010

PDA--Please Slam Shut and Stay that Way!!

PDA stands for patent ductus arteriosus. It is the vessel that helps get oxygen to the baby while in the womb. It should close after birth.  Teegan's is still open.  Not only is it still open but it measured 4.0 mm which the doctors say is really big for his size.  We finished the first round of medication to close it.  They did an echo cardiogram this afternoon and it is still open but measures 3.4 mm.  So they started another round of the medicine which consists of three doses given 12 hours apart.  He will have another echo on Saturday and hopefully it will be closed by then.  If not he can have one more round of the medicine but they don't give more than three rounds.  Once it is closed they will start him on some small feedings.  He is off of the nitric oxide and his oxygen is set at 23%.  Hopefully in the next few days he will be able to go back to the regular ventilator.  His white count is still really low.  It was 296 this morning and they want it to be 500.  The ones that fight bacteria are the ones that are low.  So they've moved his neighbor out of the room and any time his isolette is open for any reason everyone in the room has to be gowned and masked up.  The neonatologist is confident he will bring his white count up on his own.  But if not, there is medication they can give him.  He is also out from underneath the tanning lights today!

My mom and grandma and grandpa came down to sneak a peek at him today.  It was good to eat lunch and spend some time with them!


  1. He's a fighter! Stay strong little man! You have a whole lot of people praying for ya! I love the pic of him already holding his nighty! Can't wait to meet him!

  2. You are all in my heart and prayers. I have a goddaughter out here who just turned 2 who started out at 1 lb 8oz. It's amazing what can be done to help these tiny ones! Take care.

  3. I am a friend of Brandi Hembree and she has been asking for prayers for you and your family. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for your precious baby boy!!! Me and my family are praying for you and yours!!! Hang in there, he will be home before you know it!!