Sunday, November 14, 2010

Slowly but Surely. . .

Things seem to get better each day for our sweet boy.  The echo cardiogram that was scheduled for yesterday was delayed until this morning.  But that’s okay because it brought awesome news!  The PDA is CLOSED for the most part!!!  That is exciting!  The neonatologist wants to hold off on another dose of the medicine to close it to see if it will hopefully close 100% on its own and stay that way.  It’s also exciting today because when he was weighed last night he weighed a big whopping 3 pounds!!  BIG BOY BABY TEEGAN!!  He had to have a unit of blood this morning since his labs showed his red blood cells were low.   That is just due to the fact that they have had to draw so much blood from him.  His white count is still up so that is good. The blood gases were better this morning so his ventilator has been turned down twice today and he seems to be tolerating it okay.  They will slowly continue to wean him off of the vent. 

Teegan is getting better about not getting mad quite so easy.  The last few days when they touch him for any reason he would get mad instantly.  And if the lights are on and he’s trying to sleep, he’s mad.  All of the readings on his monitor would instantly drop.  Some day he will probably be upset because we don’t have tons of pictures of him when he was so tiny.  But every time the camera flashes, he’s mad.  His nurse told him today that she was going to forgive him for his attitude.  She said there is no denying, he is his daddy’s boy.  For those of you who have not seen Mr. Teegan, he is red headed with a cowlick right in the middle of his forehead!  All the nurses think it is adorable and assure me the it just fits his personality.  I have to admit, I might be a little bit partial, but I love it too! J

Tim and I would like to thank everyone for the prayers, calls and texts.  We are so blessed to have such loving, caring family and friends to help us through these times.  I had a cousin remind me the other day this is a “season” that will be over soon.  And thankfully it is a season we won’t have to go through again.  Please keep the prayers coming!  The power of prayer is truly amazing!!

Please keep Mr. Davis’s family in your thoughts and prayers.  He went to be with Jesus yesterday.  Tim and I both loved that man; he had a special place in both of our hearts.  Not only did he teach us the love of football, how to type and accounting, he taught us endless life lessons.  We love him and already miss him!

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