Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!

They just finished moving Teegan from the ventilator to CPAP!  So far, so good!  It was awesome to hear him CRY!!  And it was so nice to see his face without all the added tubes.  He is so darned handsome!  The nurses got a kick out of his double chin.  He doesn't particularly like his new gear but they gave him a pacifier with some sugar drops on it and he is sucking it like it's a sucker.  His nurse told him that was his treat for being such a good boy and she feels sorry for him because they are holding his feedings to make sure he adjusts okay.  They will check his blood gas in an  hour and see how it looks.  Hopefully he is tube free for good!  :)

Lots of pictures. . . .

God is so good!!!

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